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Mini Papier Mache Boxes Heart Shape

Mini Papier Mache Boxes Heart Shape

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Experience the exquisite artistry of Kashmiri artisans with our small Papier mache boxes. Paper Mache - the craft - where the waste paper is moulded and given a particular shape to create this beautiful box, which can be used or gifted to the ones you love the most. Later it is passed on to a artisan, who paints over the paper. 

Each box boasts meticulous craftsmanship, featuring smooth finishes and intricate hand-painted motifs. With vibrant colors and intricate designs, these small boxes add elegance to any space and are perfect for storing jewelry, trinkets, or cherished keepsakes.

Handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations, these eco-friendly boxes are a testament to Kashmir's rich cultural heritage. They also make stunning additions to your home décor. Their compact and lightweight design allows for easy placement on dressers, shelves, or desks.

Discover our collection and bring home a piece of Kashmiri art that embodies craftsmanship and beauty in every detail.

Note : color or dimension might vary as these are hand made and hand painted!

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