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Kashmiri Kahwa Instant Mix Powder

Kashmiri Kahwa Instant Mix Powder

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Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Instant mix powder leaves are delicately blended with roasty almonds, saffron strands and Indian spices. This sensory delight is easy to make and a healthy replacement for all caffeine drinks. Our mix has Green Tea, Roasted Almonds, Saffron Strands, Cardamom, Cinnamon which is easy to make; just brew it with water and add any sweetener of your choice along with Kashmiri almonds. Kahwa is an excellent herbal tea that strengthens immunity and stimulates the metabolism of the body, and helps to dig.

How to make : Just add 1 Teaspoon of our Kahwa Instant Mix Powder to 100ml hot water. Cover it for 5 mins and your Kahwa is ready! Add in some peeled Kashmir Almonds too.

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